We are a distributor of Moduloc's Sensors and Measuring Systems exclusively for the Countries of Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, The Philippines, Taiwan  and Vietnam.  We do also supply to the Aluminium industry in Australia, Bahrain, China, Dubai, India, Korea and New Zealand.

Our supplier, Moduloc Control Systems Limited have a 25 year history of supplying Sensors and Measuring Systems to the Metals Industry in providing the latest technology for precise product measurement as well as for crane control and material handling positioning systems. Should you require to determine position, width, thickness or velocity, we have the technology to meet this need. We are providing the latest in technology to meet the changing requirements of industry.  Moduloc represents the whole solution for detection and measurement on the line as well as material handling in and around the plant.

Our products
Robust Digital Camera Level Sensor for precise measurement of liquid aluminium level in headers and launders.

(MDCLS 700R400-RB + MDCLS 800R300-RB)

The MDCLS Digital Camera Level Sensors are compact units with integrated optics and signal processor for precise measurement of
the liquid level. A focused laser spot is illuminated on the liquid surface and the image distance determined by internal CCD Camera.
LED’s clearly indicate when the object is at center or at limit of measuring range. Installation software is provided for connection to a PC and to display measured values. Measurement of data is via both RS232 and 4-20 mA analog output.
Laser Distance Meter - LT2000 ST

The LT2000-ST Laser Distance Meter operates over substantial range off static or passing product in harsh environments as well as off white target plate for crane control over 100 mtrs.  Low cost Class II Laser and ideal for automated positioning control. Also available with Profibus

Products list

Laser Distance Meter - LT2000 ST

Laser Distance Range - MD5100
Laser Triangulation Meters - MLC
Laser Scanner - LD A
Crane CPU Interface Display - LDCP 4000
Laser Length/Width Gauge - LD6001
LDM Supply/Interface CPU - BR22
Digital Hot Metal Detector (HMD) Sensor - Model MD85100
Remote Hot Metal Detectors (HMD) - Model MD95100
photo Switches - Remote Series 4000
Pathfinder Digital HDM Scanner - PF100
Trailfinder Digital Optical Position Scanner - DTF6000
Strip Width& Pin Hole /Edge Crack Gauges - SERIES LX 700
Barrier Lasers - Series VR594
Weld Hole Detectors - MD8207A
Industrial Metal Detector - Series 300
White Light Velocity Meters - VLM200
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Laser Distance Range - MD5100

Advanced Laser technology providing distance and speed measurement

Powerful processor for multi-tasking

Dual switched threshold, RS232, RS422 and analogue outputs provided. Also available with Profibus


ld6001 useage drawing Laser Length/Width Gauge - LD6001

Utilising compact line of sight LDM's that operate off both cold or hot product, even inside the furnace, this Gauge is well suited for determining the size and position of steel product such as slabs, blooms or billet in the furnace area & other difficult areas in the Rolling Mill.

Strip Width& Pin Hole /Edge Crack Gauges - SERIES LX 700

Operate via Intelligent Stand alone Cameras with comfortable
Windows-Software for all Parameter Settings
( Remote Hot Metal Detectors (HMD) - Model MD95100 )

The MD95100 fully digital “All-in-One” Hot Metal Detector incorporates a bar display showing the IR input signal relative to the pre-set trip level as well as selected programmable thresholds and response times via simple external programming switch action.


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